Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Take your company to a whole new level with from Ornnova Technologies Bangalore

In this digitized world, it is not only important, but also cost effective to automate most operational processes. Whether you are a company in the automotive, aerospace, energy, or electronics industry, you can avail the technical assistance and expertise offered by Ornnova Technologies, Bangalore.

The various services offered by Ornnova are:

PLM Software Management
PLM or Product Lifecycle Management is a software program that allows you to effectively manage the entire lifecycle of the product production, from planning till delivery. You can integrate this system to your regular operations. It helps streamline processes and reduce errors and delays.

System Upgrade
To keep up with the developments in the digital world, you need to regularly upgrade the systems in your office. Whether you want to install a new application or migrate data to a new system, our professionals can do it for you. If you have complaints, Ornnova Technologies experts will come to your office and sort out the issue.

Project Globalization
If you are looking to expand your business to the global level, then you can surely take advantage of the project globalization services offered by Ornnova Technologies, Bangalore. This is a part of the PLM services, and allows you to expand and set up operations in any part of the world. From organizing the administrative factors to testing the product before taking it live, our experts will provide end-to-end services.

Implementation Services
Using structured agile methodology, we implement all the projects according to your specified deadlines. Whether you have a simple or a complex project, equal care and effort will be taken to ensure that the project is seamlessly completed. In case of complaints, Ornnova Technologies will immediately step in to sort out all the problems.

Corporate Trainings
At Ornnova Technologies, Bangalore, we just don’t provide the services and then disappear. After we implement and set up the software program, will provide intensive training to the internal team. We will also provide the relevant training materials, which will surely be useful.

If you want to know more about our services and other details, you can contact us via phone or mail.

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